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Frequently Asked Questions

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Comparative Agility 2.0

We’re excited to provide you with a brand new version of Comparative Agility—here’s what you can expect in our new and improved version:

Improved view of team activity

Provides a comprehensive view of the surveys that the team has taken all in one place.

More advanced analytics, faster

Capture a deeper, more comprehensive analytical picture of your teams and organization with less effort.

Intelligent filtering and personalization

Create personalized filters to focus only on what matters to you.

Improved application performance

Performance is up to 30% faster; get more done.

More intuitive pricing

Team-based pricing; only pay for the teams you need.

Sets the stage for automation

The update enables exciting possibilities within automation to be released soon.

As a SaaS platform doesn’t Comparative Agility get updated all the time anyway? Why the fuss this time?

It is correct that Comparative Agility is continuously evolving and we do update the platform several times each week. However, because this update changes the way data is structured—from Collector-based to Team-based - we need you to let us know where your data belongs in the new team-based structure.

We have created a handy Wizard that helps you easily transfer your data into the new structure and if you need additional help, we’ll take you through the process, step-by-step. (A typical example will take less than 5 minutes.)

How is this update going to affect me?

In short, the new version of Comparative Agility will provide you with more advanced analytics, faster. Everything you have been able to do with Comparative Agility in the past you’ll still be able to do with the new version. And with this upgrade, we will also be able to unlock a host of new advanced features to be released over the next few months.

In terms of the day-to-day experience, there are three key aspects that will change from what you’re used to:

  1. Updated User Interface. Our platform was getting long in the tooth and received a nice facelift. There is more support and help throughout the application. We have made operations more intuitive. There is more space to do your work.

    While things are different, we have retained the key elements of the original design so you won’t get lost - we believe you’ll love the look and feel of the new version!
  2. Team-based structure. This is probably the biggest—yet most intuitive—change of this upgrade. Up to this point, you have been organizing your data using Collectors, which are team-based data repositories captured at a point in time.

    While Collectors allowed for immense flexibility, they also created significant challenges: each Capability (assessment) had to have its own Collector structure, each time a survey was to be sent out, a new Collector (and associated structure) needed to be created, and for some of our larger clients with 1000s of teams, it became overly complex to organize the data.

    Simply put, as the world’s largest continuous improvement platform, the benefit caused by the flexibility of the Collector structure was outweighed by the complexity involved in organizing the data.

    Moving to a team-based structure is more intuitive, scales better, and provides more opportunities for advanced analytics regarding each team, program, and organization as insights from each Capability are integrated.

    Rather than having to create a new Collector for each insight in a Capability, you can now capture multiple insights from multiple Capabilities related to a team, program, or organization overall. It allows for more comprehensive insights with much less effort.

    Still confused? Check out this video, which explains the main benefits you get by leveraging a team-based structure.

  3. Team-based pricing. Just as the data itself was organized via Collectors, our pricing was also based on the number of Collectors. This may have made sense from a technical perspective, but it was not very intuitive. How much would you pay if you had 5 teams? Well, that depends on how many times you aim to assess those teams. If you assessed them once a year, you’d use five Collectors. If you’d assess the teams four times a year, you’d require 20 Collectors, and so on. In short, we realized we were not only making price estimates complicated, but we also built a model that discouraged assessments.

    With team-based pricing, things get a lot easier. Do you have five teams? Well, pay for five teams and assess those teams as many times as you’d like with as many types of Capabilities as you’d like. Unlimited usage, unlimited users—limited by the number of teams you need.

    We are confident the new pricing model will make a lot more sense and make it easier to estimate what you truly need. That’s why we removed rigid subscription plans - with the new update you only pay for the number of teams you’d like. And you can add new teams at any point in time; your subscription is pro-rated.
Why are you changing your pricing?

Comparative Agility has always been among the most affordable agility assessment and continuous improvement platform solutions on the market and that will not change. In addition, we will always offer a free version that ensures coaches, smaller organizations, and other change leaders can benefit from validated, trusted behavioral data at no cost.

To continue to invest in the platform and to provide you with the unparalleled support you’ve come to expect from us, it is necessary to make our pricing more aligned with the rest of the industry. As part of this update, our pricing will therefore change to $500/team/year. We will also remove our previous subscription plans so that more features will be available to everyone right away - and not just at the higher-tiered plans.

How this will affect you will depend on your current usage patterns and how many teams you support, but in general you will notice that you will be unlimited in your usage of the platform, have access to more features than before, and that your price will increase somewhat if you are supporting several teams. In short, the new pricing model ensures you can leverage more assessments, use them more times and share data with more people than ever before—within the scope of the teams you pay for.

Ok, fair enough—how will things change in terms of how I get my work done?

New customers accessing Comparative Agility after June 12th, 2022 will be served up the brand new version of Comparative Agility.

For existing customers, there will be an opportunity to transition to the new version in a way that ensures disruption is kept to a minimum:

  • For existing Premium and Business Plan customers, their version will remain the “Classic” version until their current annual plan expires. At the expiration of their current plan, users will be given the choice to decide on how many teams they want to support going forward. A transition “wizard” will help move existing Collectors to the new Team-based structure.
  • Partner customers will be immediately upgraded to the new version and will transition to having unlimited access to 5 teams (a $2500 value). A transition “wizard” will help move existing Collectors to the new Team-based structure.
  • Enterprise customers will have access to the “Classic” environment as long as they need to, and have access to a mirror environment of the new version so they can compare and contrast features, reports, and analyses between the two versions. An account manager will work with each Enterprise customer to ensure a smooth transition when ready.
How will I be supported through the transition?

We want to make sure your business operations are not interrupted as part of the upgrade. This is why we have created a simple wizard which helps you perform the data structure change in a simple and straightforward manner. In addition, our support staff is standing by to guide you through the process, step-by-step, if you have any questions.

We are providing a number of resources to ensure you’re informed on updates and get answers to questions you may have. These resources include:

  • An FAQ that is continuously updated with the most asked questions
  • Newsletter updates
  • Help Center Article Updates
  • Enhanced support videos in all areas of the application
  • Introduction of chat support within Comparative Agility
  • Integrated feedback tool within Comparative Agility for quick updates
  • Regular “Ask me anything” sessions for EMEA and NA markets
  • Ability to schedule support calls at any time via Calendly
  • 1:1 assistance for all Enterprise Customers

You can also choose to delay the upgrade to a date that is more convenient for you.