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The world's leading companies leverage Comparative Agility as part of their continuous improvement efforts

Continuous Improvement  does not just happen...

Each organization is unique and embodies its own strengths, challenges and institutional memory. With Comparative Agility at the core of your Continuous Improvement strategy, you gain the insights and identify concrete areas of improvement where you can make a meaningful difference.

Gather Data

Take survey, conduct open space sessions, gather objective measures and perform 1:1 interviews.

Analyze Results

Baseline data against the world, specific industry or other comparative data set. Identify unique strengths and improvement opportunities. Understand the narrative told through the data.

Learn Together

At regular intervals, validate the impact of the improvement efforts. Communicate progress broadly and be open about challenges. Build a culture of continuous improvement and learning across the enterprise.

Implement Changes

Define your continuous improvement strategy based on key findings from your analysis. Communicate what you intend to do, execute on the strategy and evaluate progress.

By reflecting the voice of the employees at various levels, you will be able to provide meaningful help, identify broad areas of improvement and build a data-driven continuous improvement strategy across the enterprise

Make Continuous Improvement part of your company's DNA

Cut through the noise and concentrate your efforts where it makes the biggest difference. Comparative Agility enables you to embed continuous improvement as part of your operating strategy.

With information targeted at various levels of the organization, you will be armed with the insights and intelligence necessary to make the most of your investments and execute on an approach that is tailored to meet the needs of your unique organization.

Never underestimate the importance of people

Unlock the power of your people by accessing unprecedented insights identifying where you can do the most good and amplifying your organization’s unique strengths.

Nobody knows more about your organization than the people working there. Give your people a voice by making them part of your operating strategy.


According to our data and with a 95% confidence level, the single most important action teams can take to improve quality is to "act on retrospective feedback in a timely manner".

Built for  You. Built to Scale.

Continuous Improvement of any significant size require flexible options, actionable outcomes and meaningful insight at various organizational levels at once.

Starting with our service is easy

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Scale as you progress

Our core values are Privacy and Trust

Continuous improvement efforts never end. While you’re focusing on improving the way your organization operates, you can be confident your information is safe with us.

Our data has been audited by statisticians from the North Carolina State University – Chapel Hill and we have a statistician on staff to ensure data, calculations and statistical representations are accurate and trustworthy.

All data is encrypted using 256-bit encryption and we leverage the latest technologies to ensure your data is continuously protected, backed up and safe with us.

Our Privacy Policy is as simple as it’s iron-clad: we’ll never share any of your individually attributed data with any third-party. Period.