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Leveraging the world’s largest Agile assessment database, you can quickly and reliably instill a data-driven continuous improvement culture by benchmarking your efforts against the CA World Index, your specific industry and your own organization at different points in time.

by Mike Cohn & Ken Rubin

In environments with high levels of variability and uncertainty, being able to quickly respond to change is essential. Kanban, with its focus on visualizing work, limiting WIP, focus on flow and continuous improvement is ideal in these contexts.

by Comparative Agility

Comparative DevOps is an advanced DevOps assessment tool that will help you understand current capabilities across the entire release lifecycle and quickly identify opportunities for improvement.

by Comparative Agility

Comparative Inspired Teams represents the next generation in team development. It is a framework that combines 20 years of research on Team Emotional Intelligence (TEI) with the principles of Agile development.

by Dr. Steven B. Wolff

Comparative Psychological Safety provides change leaders with the insights they need to create an environment tailored for knowledge workers in an environment of constant change and volatility.

by Dr. Amy Edmondson

Comparative High-Performance Behaviors is an advanced assessment tool which enables data-driven continuous improvement for every team.

by Richard Kasperowski

Make Continuous Improvement part of your company's DNA

Cut through the noise and concentrate your efforts where it makes the biggest difference. Comparative Agility enables you to embed continuous improvement as part of your operating strategy.

With information targeted at various levels of the organization, you will be armed with the insights and intelligence necessary to make the most of your investments and execute on an approach that is tailored to meet the needs of your unique organization.

How it works

Each organization is unique and embodies its own strengths, challenges and institutional memory. With Comparative Agility at the core of your Continuous Improvement strategy, you gain the insights and identify concrete areas of improvement where you can make a meaningful difference.

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How it works How it works

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Continuous Improvement of any significant size require flexible options, actionable outcomes and meaningful insight at various organizational levels at once.

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... the “wow” moment comes with the instant display of your team’s results against an industry benchmark...finally you have a much better idea of how you’re doing …

Alan Padula

Agile Training, Coaching & Transformation Leader

Silicon Valley, California, USA

In my work as a consultant, I regularly have a need for different types of high-quality assessments and often spend a lot of time hunting for the right tool or allocate precious time to create my own. Now I no longer have to - it's right here!

Eugene Shapiro


Daugherty Business Solutions

Having worked with multiple assessment tools - and even made some myself - I was impressed to find that all the features I was looking for were already there!

Rune Meier

Development Manager

Visma Software Int.

I have been looking for a way to measure our agility for some time became very clear to me that this tool is exceptional in several areas.

Michael Kogan

CSP, Sr. Manager, Software Development Engineering

SanDisk |a Western Digital brand

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