Organizational Performance

Organizational Performance Index

by Michael K Sahota

Organizational Performance - it’s probably not what you think it is. Often organizations are focused on the strategies and tactics to optimize financials and customers rather than looking at the underlying drivers of performance.

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Michael K Sahota
Michael K Sahota

Few organizations operate at their potential.
The results will show you where and how to focus attention to unlock results.

The organizational performance survey leverages key patterns for high performance organizations to provide a balanced perspective. Surprisingly, it’s not about the customer - it’s about what you need to have in place to create great customer outcomes that will fuel your organization’s success and growth. It shifts the focus to the drivers for great performance, not just the outcomes, so you know where to optimize your system.

High-Performance Culture

Performance is all about the people and how they work together. In 5 Dimensions, this survey reveals the underlying dynamics and capability of your organization's ability to perform by assessing patterns of behaviour and culture.

Reveal Underlying Dynamics

High-Performance exists beyond the obvious tactics and strategy. This survey reveals a clear understanding of the specific factors that have been impeding the organization’s ability to thrive in the marketplace.

Invest in What Matters

With the survey results, investments in the specific changes that deliver the highest gain in organizational performance that will propel the organization forward. Evaluate the impact of changes and monitor progress.

The Power of High Performance Culture

Organizations with highly engaged employees consistently outperform their peers, and organizations who embrace a culture of learning are highly resilient, adaptable and excel in innovation.

Organizations with leaders who have clarity and insight of what is happening inside and outside of their organizations make quality decisions and plans.

Alignment in action results in incredible organizational efficiency and impact. This survey identifies your organization’s capabilities on all 5 of these dimensions.
Organizational Performance assessment

Organizations with highly engaged employees consistently outperform their peers

Michael K Sahota

The Five Dimensions of Organizational Performance

Employee Focus

In high-performance organizations, customers don’t come first - employees do. Looking after your employees is essential for them to look after your customers. Engaged employees with the ability to be their best energize the organization’s success. How well does your organization prioritize and deliver on a great employee experience?

Learning Mindset

The ability of your organization to keep up with the rapidly changing world depends on its ability to learn and evolve. The employee rate of learning determines the rate of learning for your organization. How well does your organization support learning at individual and departmental levels?

Situational Outlook

Do you see what I see? Is your organization practicing radical candor and confronting the brutal facts? It is easy to justify and select data that supports your perspective. However, organizations that make the quality decisions to excel in their marketplace integrate and act on all the available information.


“Alignment is like breathing”. High performance emerges from high levels of organizational alignment. An organizational system’s rate of evolution depends on overcoming hidden agendas, politics, and ego issues to create a high level of alignment across departments and layers of management.

Organization Outcomes

Some organizations struggle to create differentiated products that delight customers while others are unable to attract the top talent they need to operate. Is your organization focused on operations and “good enough” or even just survival? Are you ready to compete when there is a shift in the competitive landscape?

Sample Survey Items

Organizational results reflect the talents of its employees.
Employees at all levels are trusted to make decisions.
Our organization does a good job learning from failures.
Management is willing to look at the reality of what is happening in the organization.
There is a high level of alignment between organizational groups.
There is little difference between what leaders say is important and actually happens.

Sample Survey Items

Organizational results reflect the talents of its employees.

Employees at all levels are trusted to make decisions.

Our organization does a good job learning from failures.
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Michael K Sahota

Michael K Sahota

Speaker, Trainer, Consultant & Author on
Evolutionary Capabilities (Culture, Leadership, Change)

At SHIFT314 we see things differently. Lasting solutions to the challenges facing organizations today can only come from a different level of consciousness. To navigate today’s VUCA world, evolutionary capabilities are required. An organization is only as adaptable as its people: Organizational Evolution depends on Leadership Evolution.
Our unique IP infuses the Technology of Consciousness and Practical Business Mechanics.

SHIFT314 gives leaders the evolutionary capabilities they need to lead the shift towards high performance.

Michael K Sahota, CEC, is a Thought Leader, Author and Speaker in the Agile Industry. Michael is the co-founder and CEO of SHIFT314 Inc. He has developed a unique IP to unlock success with Agile, Digital, Lean, and other new ways of working to create high-performance organizations.

Michael’s life’s work is a system to enable evolutionary capabilities in people and organizations to create high performance through Business Agility. As a thought leader in the Agile Industry, in 2012, he published the ground-breaking book An Agile Adoption and Transformation Survival Guide: Working with Organizational Culture. In 2018, he published Emotional Science: The Key to High Performance. Michael is working on his upcoming book on Evolutionary Change. His vision is to support the development of evolutionary capabilities in people and organizations to create change and impact on a global scale.

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