Comparative Inspired Teams

Inspired Teams

by Dr. Steven B. Wolff

Comparative Inspired Teams represents the next generation in team development. It is a framework that combines 20 years of research on Team Emotional Intelligence (TEI) with the principles of Agile development. Comparative Inspired Teams execute and innovate quickly.

Created by:
Dr. Steven B. Wolff
Dr. Steven B. Wolff

Build a High Performance Culture

High performing teams consistently beat their peers in measures of quality, speed and customer satisfaction. Comparative Inspired Teams help you build an intentional culture by identifying the concrete behaviors that make a difference – and affect change where it matters to your teams.

Agility – Beyond Product Development

Agile was born in a software development context, but its values and principles have been proven to work in all areas of business characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and volatility (VUCA).

Backed by Industry-leading Research

The research behind Team Emotional Intelligence is peer reviewed and published in the Harvard Business Review. Leverage the power of these insights with proven behaviors from agile thinking to improve how your teams interact, collaborate and perform together.

Team Emotional Intelligence Meets Agile

When you combine two proven technologies, Agile, and Team Emotional Intelligence, you get awesome teams.

These teams know how to innovate, get things done quickly, and collaborate effectively.

Agile principles drive execution but do not provide a "map" for developing the team.

Agile speeds team progress using a set of principles and processes. Agile often creates high-performance teams, but the team has no "map" for how to improve the team itself.

As a result, teams may struggle for a while before finding a route to reaching their full potential; some teams may never find their way to high performance.

agile assessment
agile assessment

Team Emotional Intelligence provides guidance for building the team but does not focus on execution.

Team Emotional Intelligence is a framework that provides such a “map” for building the team. TEI helps the team build a culture that allows it to energize members, build strong collaboration, and create psychological safety, trust, and team identity.

TEI has been shown to significantly boost performance; however, it does not provide a set of processes focused on accelerating the execution.

Sample Survey Items

We clearly define team goals.
We try to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
We work to build connections outside the team.
We act proactively to prevent problems from occurring.
If a member behaves in a way that slows team progress, we let him or her know.
We work to understand the priorities of the leaders in our organization.
When something goes wrong, we see it as a challenge rather than an obstacle.
We find new ways to do things better.
Mistakes are not held against you.

Sample Survey Items

Create Meaning

We clearly define team goals.

Build Connection

We try to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Build Support

We work to build connections outside the team.
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Dr. Steven B. Wolff

Dr. Steven B. Wolff

Author, Team Emotional Intelligence

Dr Steven B. Wolff is a world expert on team emotional intelligence.

Together with Vanessa Druskat, he has developed a theory of team emotional intelligence that extends the theory of individual emotional intelligence to the team level.

His work has been featured in the Harvard Business Review. Inspired Teams, the next generation team framework, is grounded in research from TEI and incorporates critical concepts from Agile.

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