Improvement (PI)

The Comparative Agility Personal Improvement (PI) platform is a resource for your employees to find opportunities for growth, receive tailored recommendations, and have discussions with their peers in a safe and confidential manner.

Not only that: the platform gives you direct access to a community of experts within your organization for those extra challenging questions.

Personal Improvement

Understand where you are

Take the Personal Improvement assessment to find out how you’re doing and where you can improve

Get Help from a Community of Peers

As you grow and evolve, tap into a wealth of knowledge by asking questions in your organization’s exclusive community board.

Keep improving, iterate!

On a regular cadence and as you complete work on your Personal Improvement Backlog, take the survey again,review progress, receive new recommendations and keep improving in your craft.

Try it out now!

Fuel data-driven continuous improvement efforts at the team, program and organizational levels through uncommon insights and actionable feedback.