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Use Comparative Agility in a way that makes sense to your unique context. Benchmark your efforts across the CA World Index.

Compare yourself to peers in your industry. Quickly identify how your teams and programs are doing compared to a previous point in time. Identify meaningful improvement opportunities, drive change and improve the way you operate over time.


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Comparative Agility is easy to use and completely customizable so you can structure your organization in a way that makes sense for your unique context.

- Setup your teams and start collecting actionable information immediately.
- Stay engaged throughout the process and access real-time results wherever you are.
- Evolve your setup by easily dragging and dropping your structure while keeping the original data intact.

Perform Industry
Specific Benchmarks

Each industry is unique. The level of agility appropriate for a Telecommunications company will differ from a company in the Utilities industry.
Perform analysis with a large set of data that is context-aware and relevant to your company's situation.

- Identify how your organization compares to other companies in your industry.
- Compare internal business units to industry-specific indices or broaden scope across your portfolio.
- Uncover unique, industry-specific insights based on challenges in your area of business.

Customizable Surveys

You can customize Comparative Agility by selecting which specific dimension(s) you want to target.

- Define each Collector independently.
- Limit the number of statements respondents need to answer.
- Focus your analysis on the most important organizational opportunities.

Gain Instant Insight – in A Way that Works for Your Organization

Fuel data-driven continuous improvement efforts at the through uncommon insights and actionable feedback.
- Quickly recognize how teams are doing at different points in time.
- Identify where you can do the most good and invest your efforts where it makes the biggest difference.
- Aggregate and compare information using different organizational levels.
- Uncover insights between your teams, programs, and business units.

Comparative Agility

Fuel data-driven continuous improvement efforts at the team, program and organizational levels through uncommon insights and actionable feedback.