A Quick Guide to Data-Driven Agility

How it works

We provide statistically validated survey capabilities to enable a data-driven culture of continuous improvement at all levels of the organization.

Continue to Improve with Data

Collecting and analyzing data helps you understand where change agents can make the most impact. Follow these simple steps to translate analytics to action.


Collect Data

Use Comparative Agility to collect data at the learn, program and organizational level.


Find The Narrative

Analyze the data to understand strengths and weaknesses. Who’s struggling? Who’s succeeding? How can those areas who are struggling benefit from those showing strength?


Understand Context

Conduct modified Open Space sessions with target groups to consider the data context.

What: What impediments do we observe?
So What?: What is the impact of the impediments?
Now What?: What actions are we taking to adress the impediments?


Go One-On-One

Gain insight via one-on-one interviews with a few group members - in a safe and confidential environment. Focus on listening and asking open-ended questions to better appreciate some of the unspoken issues.


Gather Objective Metrics

Complement your analysis with objective, context-specific metrics, focusing on trends over time, i.e. average lead time to recovery, defects in production, etc.


Take Action!

Based on your analysis, identify the top couple of items you can adress, and communicate broadly what you’re doing. Plan to demonstrate results and repeat every 3-6 months to gain credibility and continual improvement.

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