New features - August

August 09, 2017

We're excited to announce that effective today, Comparative Agility introduces several additional capabilities to the world's largest agile assessment platform. 

Perform Analysis by Industry – with this feature, you will not only be able to benchmark your organization against the larger CA Index, you can now evaluate your team or organization against specific industry categories such as Banking & Finance, Health Care, Consulting, Software, Education and many more. 

Customize Survey by Specifying Dimensions – for the first time, you can now customize the survey by selecting which specific dimension (Teamwork, Requirements, Planning, Technical Practices, Quality, Culture, Knowledge-Creating, Outcomes) you want teams to respond to. 

Multi-Lingual Surveys – to accommodate our global audience, the Comparative Agility survey is now fully supported in Chinese, Dutch, French, Norwegian, Spanish and Russian, in addition to English.

Branded Surveys – for organizations that want to use their own corporate branding, Comparative Agility now allows users to customize the design of the survey to reflect their preferences and improve the overall experience.

User Access and Administration – administrators can now add and manage users under the same account, allowing for easier sharing and collaboration between individuals who can access Comparative Agility. 

Priority Email and Phone Support – we’re stepping up our level of support by providing a variety of options to help you get the help you need at the level you need it; from simple e-mails to personal, hands-on implementation support. 

As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to send us an email at .

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