Introducing Comparative Agility Premium Plans

August 17, 2017

Since its inception in 2008, Comparative Agility has been proud to serve thousands of companies in their efforts to improve the way they work and lead a data-driven approach to continuous improvement. We've collected more than 22,000 data points and become the largest, most trusted independent benchmark of how agile teams and organizations operate today. We're excited to announce that starting today, Comparative Agility introduces a number of additional capabilities to the world's largest agile assessment platform. 
By introducing these premium plans, we're not only delivering a number of critical features requested by our customers, we'll also be able to accelerate our efforts further and grow our platform to continue to deliver the unique organizational insights you've come to expect of us over the years. 
Here's a brief overview of the plans we're launching and their respective features; more details are available here.
Basic: This plan is targeted towards smaller organizations who are serious about continuous improvement and want to benchmark themselves against the world as well as gauge how they improve as an organization over time. 
Premium: For small-to-medium organizations that require additional Collectors and Reports, this plan provides custom survey capabilities, enhanced reporting capabilities and prioritized support. 
Business:  For mid-sized businesses that are growing and need more Collectors and Reports, this option includes multi-user administration capabilities and interactive, dedicated support. 
Enterprise: For large organizations who leverage a data-driven approach as part of their strategic continuous improvement efforts, the Enterprise Plan provides Unlimited Collectors, Unlimited Reports, enhanced security options, e-mail integration, branding, hands-on, interactive support, on-demand training and more. 
We're excited to enter this next phase in our evolution as a company and grateful for your feedback, suggestions and continued support!
Jorgen Hesselberg
Why are you introducing premium plans? Can't Comparative Agility just continue to be free?
Over the years, we've invested significant time and money in building the world's leading agile assessment platform. We believe this is an important tool that our community needs and a part of Comparative Agility will therefore always remain free. However, building this platform costs money and we need to pay our developers, handle hosting costs and continue to invest in our infrastructure. To continue improving Comparative Agility for the long term, add important features requested by our users and grow the platform to be even more powerful, we need to introduce premium plans to help defray our costs. 
When do these plans take effect?
The premium plans are in effect today.
What about existing users?
We will not disrupt your work. Users who exceed the amount of Collectors or Reports provided in the "Free" plan will be notified separately through email and in Comparative Agility. All existing users will be given a 60-day grace period to decide which plan they want to stay with. Choosing a premium plan will ensure they have access to additional features as well as the additional Collectors and Reports. Those users who choose to stay with the "free" plan will have their available Collectors and Reports reduced to the number according to the free plan. (More details about each of the plans is available here.)
How do I pay for an upgrade?
Premium and Business customers can easily and securely upgrade their plans through a major credit card. Enterprise users are handled on a case-by-case basis.
What kind of support can I expect?
Comparative Agility provides customers with different ways to find the support they need. While all customers can send us an email and get help, Business and Enterprise customers can access enhanced support through email, interactive phone support, a dedicated support representative and custom webinars.
What if I have additional questions?
If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to send us an email at