Global Bank Wants To Develop a Data-driven Agile Digitalization Strategy

A well-respected global bank leveraged Comparative Agility to better understand how they are doing regarding key dimensions of their digital transformation efforts.

They wanted to benchmark themselves to a context-relevant peer group and use this information to fuel strategic transformation efforts and investments across all levels of the enterprise.

An Internal Agile Working Group (AWG) Wanted to Understand the Impact of Their Improvement Efforts and Where They Need to Focus Next

A leading technology company, with mature and advanced product development practices, were focusing on assessing behaviors, embedding continuous improvement thinking and improving their enterprise product delivery model.

They tasked Comparative Agility with the goal of figuring out how to gauge the success of their efforts and how to improve organizational learning.

A Large Utility Organization Wants to Enhance Their Retrospectives and Improve How They Work

A large utility organization found that their team’s retrospectives were becoming stale. The same opportunities for improvements were identified each sprint, and people no longer had faith in the idea of continuous improvement – nothing happened.

They engaged Comparative Agility with the hope of obtaining an effective way for teams to identify and communicate where they see challenges so she can improve retrospectives and ultimately boost their continuous improvement efforts.

Independent Consulting Organization Wants To Engage With a Broad Client

Comparative Agility was utilized by a large consulting organization. Their clients include NASDAQ-100 companies, privately-held Fortune 100 companies, and Ivy League universities.

The company’s principal objective was to engage with an international enterprise client and provide organizational and team assessments in a timely manner without negatively impacting day-to-day operations or upcoming deadlines.

What customers are saying

... the “wow” moment comes with the instant display of your team’s results against an industry benchmark...finally you have a much better idea of how you’re doing …

Alan Padula

Agile Training, Coaching & Transformation Leader

Silicon Valley, California, USA

In my work as a consultant, I regularly have a need for different types of high-quality assessments and often spend a lot of time hunting for the right tool or allocate precious time to create my own. Now I no longer have to - it's right here!

Eugene Shapiro


Daugherty Business Solutions

Having worked with multiple assessment tools - and even made some myself - I was impressed to find that all the features I was looking for were already there!

Rune Meier

Development Manager

Visma Software Int.

I have been looking for a way to measure our agility for some time became very clear to me that this tool is exceptional in several areas.

Michael Kogan

CSP, Sr. Manager, Software Development Engineering

SanDisk |a Western Digital brand

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