Our Approach to Quality

The world’s leading organizations rely on data from Comparative Agility to make strategic decisions regarding their improvement efforts. The validity, reliability and quality of our surveys stand at the core of the confidence we provide to our customers.

We, therefore, spend significant time and effort to ensure each genuine Comparative Agility survey instrument not only measures what it purports to measure, we ensure the rigor and analytics of the data and the resulting analysis hold the highest standards and are validated through well-established psychometrics.

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Authenticity, Independence, Credibility

Our surveys are created by independent and recognized domain experts, selected by invitation only. Once a survey has been accepted, it goes through a rigorous validation process by our team of data scientists. Only after completing this process – and after independent verification and observation with a sample set of our customers – will a given survey be qualified as a genuine Comparative Agility Capability.

Our domain experts routinely let us know they appreciate the extra rigor and confidence this provides in the validity and reliability of the resulting insights.

Our validation process

Each genuine Comparative Agility Capability go through a rigorous process of validation

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Establish face validity

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Conduct pilot testing

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Identify underlying components using exploratory factor analysis (EFA)

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Check internal consistency

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Perform independent, real-world observation on selected samples

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Review and revise assessment with survey author based on analysis and observations

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Perform confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and finalize survey statements

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