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Comparative Agility is the world's largest agility assessment instrument, fueling data-driven continuous improvement strategies at multiple organizational levels through knowledge and domain-specific intelligence.

Our mission is to help our clients continuously improve their business performance through relevant data and actionable insight.

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Surveys Created by Domain Experts

The value of a survey is directly correlated to the expertise of its creator. Our surveys are created by some of the world's leading domain experts - you benefit from the unique insights they deliver.

Statistically Validated and Reliable

We use Psychometrics techniques such as Cronbach's alpha, multiple factor analysis, and internal validity to ensure the insights you gain from Comparative Agility surveys are based on information you can trust.

Data from 80+

Comparative Agility represents the global reach of continuous improvement. Organizations from 80+ countries across the world leverage our insights as part of their transformation efforts.

3.5+ Mil Data Points from 14,000+ organizations

We are the world's largest agility assessment and continuous improvement platform - by far. Since 2008, more than 14,000 companies have placed their trust in us.

Meet our Team

We are a team of people driven by the idea that if you make small improvements every day, you'll make a big difference.

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We're based in Silicon Valley, Las Vegas, Oslo and Sarajevo.

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Fuel data-driven continuous improvement efforts at the team, program and organizational levels through uncommon insights and actionable feedback.