About Us

Comparative Agility is the world's largest agility assessment instrument, fueling data-driven continuous improvement efforts at the team, program and organizational levels through uncommon insights and actionable feedback.

Comparative Agility was formed in June 2007 as the result of a collaboration between Mike Cohn and Kenny Rubin with an idea to create a tool that will be used for agile assessment. Throughout the last decade, we have transition from agile assessment tool to a cloud-based business analytics service that enables you to visualize and analyze team, program, departmental or organizational progress with greater efficiency and understanding.

Today Comparative Agility enables users to collect and analyze a broad range of information through

- questions created by top industry experts

- data collected from hundreds of companies

- results validate by statisticians

- easy-to-use dashboard, interactive reports, and compelling visualizations

If you would like to join us, visit our Careers listings. We have multiple open positions for passionate, talented people to join our team.